Fat Loss Factor. A Healthy Way To Lose Weight

by Sarah Saf on June 4, 2013

Are You Tired Of Being Overweight?

Have you ever got the feeling that you are just meant to be overweight, maybe you prefer to think you are just’ big –boned’ well let me share a secret with you, you are not alone.

It’s not easy to lose weight and keep a balanced lifestyle where you exercise as well as eat properly, I mean who has time for that really? Luckily there are ways we can do this if we choose to and Fat Loss Factor happens to be one of them.

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So What Is Fat Loss Factor?

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Fat Loss Factor is and I say this with caution a Weight Loss Program, I want you to understand that it is not a diet, that you will not be eating lettuce leaves or drinking foul juices for the next 2 weeks and lose an amazing 25 pounds, it is a lifestyle change and you will need commitment and desire.

The good thing about this is that if you do have these qualities and you choose Fat Loss Factor as the means to change your lifestyle then you have a quality program to help you with your goals.

FLF consists of 2 phases, the first part of the program is going to be hard and there is no point kidding your self about this. You will switch your eating habits to natural foods like legumes, nuts, fruits and vegetables so as to ‘detox ‘ your body.

This is done to remove your reliance on the unhealthy food groups and prepare your body for phase two of the program.

The 2nd part is pretty much where you make your lifestyle change and you are introduced to a healthy and fun way to live. You are taught to eat healthy balanced meals and shown ways to exercise that will help you lose weight and build muscle even as you grow older.

Who Is Behind Fat Loss Factor?

Dr. Charles Livingstone is the man behind the program, a chiropractor and wellness specialist with a background in as a physician. Dr Livingstone also has qualifications in the nutritional and physical therapist fields and has been called amongst other things “the weight loss guru” and “the secret behind the celebs bodies”.

You can see why FLF has such a good name from some other users like Patricia Kelly who has been using Fat Loss Factor for a while and having good results with it….

Ok, here are my thoughts on this product. I have used it for 9 weeks now and so far the results have been good. Most of the advice is very practical and easy to follow, but I think it takes some time for your body to make the change (it took mine a week or so) before you feel like the program is second nature. Overall, a great program. I have tried similar eBook programs and have also bought expensive hard cover books on dieting etc, this one is the best in my opinion, I totally agree with you. One star of because it doesn’t work on my old Mac, only on my new one (any idea why that is?).

So What Are You Going To Be Eating

fat loss factor mealWell its really nice to see that FLF does not encourage any form of dietary supplement or pill rather the menu consists of whole grains, healthy protein sources such as Salmon, Lean Beef, low fat dairy products, vegetables, nuts, fruits basically any of the natural food sources are on your menu after the initial 2 week detox period.

Please note that for the first two weeks you will not be eating meats, bread, dairy products, eggs or anything that even remotely looks like it is a processed food and YES this will be difficult for a while but you simply will not believe how good you feel a week or so into the program.

What Do You Get With Fat Loss Factor?

A full and easy to follow lifestyle change is what you get. FLF consists of a main eBook guide, the body detox videos, some clever tips and tricks to help boost your weight loss and make staying on the program simple. You also get some simple and effective workout routines, and yes exercise is an important part of any attempt to lose weight plus lifetime updates from Dr. Livingstone.

Included, as a free bonus package is a complete grocery list and personal coaching tips for a year, pretty much everything is made as easy as possible to help you succeed.

There is also an option for you to choose the 3-day cleanse if you want to lose some weight rapidly and really boot your metabolism into gear. This consists of a liquid cleanse which makes up your first 3 days and then you continue with the normal eating program as laid out by Dr. Livingstone.

Good Points, Bad Points And Some Features Of Fat Loss Factor


The program is tailored for women or men.

Simple to use.

You don’t have to starve yourself and the food really is healthy and tasty.

Gail (Age 45-54) says

Hello, I only started the program on Wednesday 5/15/13 with the Master Cleanse. I am only 7 days into the cleanse and have already lost 8 pounds. I feel so motivated and feel I can actually reach my goal this time, after years of trying on various so-called “diets”. I can feel that this is going to be a huge life change for me! I love you guys; keep up the good work, actually amazing work!

You get some really nice recipes.

Includes a muscle building exercise program suitable for both men and women.

It’s easy and practical both to shop for what you need and to prepare your menu items.

Great customer support


fat loss factor weight

It can be really challenging to stick to the first week or so as it is a large change to your eating habits and you can feel pretty crap for a few days until you detox fully.

Much of the food is organic and it will take some time for you to sort out where best to find this type of food.

You do need to exercise and some basic home gym equipment will help although its not totally needed.


No need for expensive gym memberships that you will never use.

The program has been developed following a scientific method proven to help weight loss. Really its fairly simple, eat healthier and a bit less and exercise more and you will lose weight avoid the many diseases associated with being overweight and live longer healthier life.

Some Myths You Should Be Aware Of.

Being overweight is a Genetic problem.

I can’t lose weight because I have an overeating problem.
Fad diets are effective in the long term.

I haven’t got time to exercise or eat properly.

I have to make like a bunny and eat lettuce all day everyday, heck even bunnies know better than this ☺

Sit-ups and crunches are the fabulous solution to all my belly fat problems.

My thyroid has made my metabolism slow so I can’ lose weight.

Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

Rather than just tell you it does, I mean who am I anyway I thought it would be much more useful to find some reviews done by other users of Fat Loss Factor

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There are also some negative thoughts about Fat Loss Factor which seem to center mainly around the fact that you can get all the information in FLF just by doing the research yourself…

fat loss factor quote

True to a degree but its time consuming and won’t bet as consistent and easy as getting a fully laid out program would be.

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Fast Weight Loss Tips

by Sarah Saf on August 8, 2013


Fast Weight Loss


weight loss tips


Weight loss is and always will be one of the hardest things any person can attempt in their life. To make it just that little bit harder there is an abundance of information online and in print about how to lose weight, so how do you short out the good from the bad and actually find something that works?

Simply put you need to focus on a healthy lifestyle change rather than the fad diets that exist all over the place. You can even achieve fast weight loss in a healthy fashion if you are willing to make the complete change required to do so, by change I mean in your eating and exercise habits just to clear that up.

Some Fast Weight Loss Tips

I found a great article about losing weight fast and safely in WebMD which i wanted to share with you…

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Simple Weight Loss By Dr Charles Livingston

by Sarah Saf on July 11, 2013

charles livingston

Whats Does Dr Charles Livingston Say

With the wide selection of products and programs featured in the weight loss industry, it can be difficult to judge which will provide the right weight management program for you. Some diet or detox plans are so restrictive that when a plan makes bold claims such as being able to eat ice cream and still lose body fat, it creates a huge buzz.

This is exactly what happened when Dr Charles Livingstone spoke about his fat lose program. Dr Livingstone is a certified practitioner of chiropractic, nutritional and wellness health. He has developed the program and claims that he has already helped over a thousand people to lose weight. These include very obese clients who have lost up to ninety pounds and sixteen dress sizes.

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Whats Different About This Plan

Unlike many other diet plans, the program allows for eating any of your favorite foods. The plan has been designed to not be so strict that failure is inevitable. [click to continue…]


Superfoods- 10 Of The Best.

by Sarah Saf on July 7, 2013


Why Superfoods?

More and more people are becoming conscious about the foods they eat and there is more and more research into the so called ‘superfoods’ that are becoming the go-to foods to eat for anyone wanting to be fit and healthy and live longer. Most of us also try to engage in regular exercise and eat a healthy balanced diet, however many people are still a little confused by the concept of what are superfoods and why they are so good for us.

There are numerous benefits to Superfoods. They are defined by their great quantities of nutrients and by the wholesome nature of the food. Superfoods contain exceptionally high levels of nutrients in comparison to their calorie content. These foods have been shown to provide an energy boost and increase protection from developing a number of diseases and illnesses due to their antioxidant content.

Learn More About Superfoods And Get Yourself A Great Lifestyle Plan By Listening To This Video.

Listen to what Dr Oz has to say about Superfoods….

These foods contain minerals, vitamins and enzymes which can eliminate toxins from the body which are believed to be a contributing factor to developing heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and certain forms of cancer.

So What Are The Superfoods?

There are a great number of superfoods, but the top ten includes:

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Benefits Of A Low Fat Diet

by Sarah Saf on June 20, 2013

Can A Low Fat Diet Benefit You?

Although many people are familiar with the main benefit of a low fat diet being to manage weight loss and maintain a healthy weight, there are plenty of additional benefits. To start with eating well and exercising leads to a general feeling of well being and confidence which helps greatly in life’s day to day challenges and then there are the medical benefits.

The medical field has widely advertised the fact that a low fat diet can control obesity and reduce the risk of certain medical conditions usually associated with carrying extra weight such as heart disease and diabetes.

However recent research has indicated that a low fat diet can be more beneficial to health in a number of different ways.

Heart Disease

heartdiseaseWhile a poorly planned low fat diet cannot significantly reduce the risk of developing heart disease, concentrating on reducing or eliminating trans and saturated fats will be extremely beneficial.

These types of fats are categorized as bad fats as they can raise the level of blood cholesterol and contribute to artery blockages and heart conditions. It is important that the fats consumed in a low fat diet are good fats or low lipid fats such as olive oil and the fats found in nuts and pulses.

These fats can actually help to lower cholesterol levels and assist the body in maintaining a healthy heart.

Breast Cancer

benefits of a low fat dietResearch conducted at the Baltimore Women’s Health Clinic has also found that a low fat diet can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. The study documented 45,000 women between the ages of forty seven and seventy seven. [click to continue…]


Foods That Burn Fat

by Sarah Saf on June 12, 2013

foods that burn fat

Foods That Burn Fat

There are many different foods that can assist the body to burn fat. Most of these foods are naturally occurring and simply contain the correct balance of vitamins and nutrients to promote the production of hormones in the body which burn fat and speed up the metabolism.

Years of jumping from one diet product to another, gaining and losing weight can severely impair your metabolism and cause it to perform sluggishly. Since your metabolism is the key to burning fat, it is important to give it a healthy boost to ensure it burns more fat and excess calories.

Many of the foods which promote fat burning have a high thermo-genic value, which means that the body uses a great deal of energy or calories to simply digest it. This has been clinically proven to help promote weight loss and the maintenance of a healthy body weight.

Types Of Fat Burning Foods

Fat burning foods fall into one of several categories;

Nuts and Pulses

foods that burn fatThese are filled with healthy fats and contain magnesium and protein which is needed for building muscle. Many people become confused about good and bad fats but quite simply nuts contain monounsaturated fats which can actually help to lower cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart. They also contain plenty of fiber which ensures that you feel fuller for longer to prevent snacking.

A great example of this is the almond. One handful of almonds can provide almost twenty percent of your recommended daily requirement of magnesium and almost fifty percent of vitamin E. They are an excellent sugar free snack which means that you don’t experience the lethargy after effect of sugary snacks.

Do try to avoid salted nuts as these contain high levels of sodium which can be harmful to your blood pressure.

Dark Green Vegetables

These are an amazing fat burning food group. They actually have a negative calorific effect as they require more energy to digest than they contain. [click to continue…]